The Birth of the Greenwood Holistic Health Group

How did it come about? Basically, it comes down the fact my parents gave me a great surname, the family motto of which is “Inservire”, “to be of service”, and a naturally critically thinking mind that seeks ever more knowledge and understanding,

I was a nurse in the NHS and private sectors, ending up as a Senior Sister. It was a good foundation and taught me a huge amount about the human condition, and also that nursing was not the route I felt best able to provide support for an individual’s wellness, only the illness, injury or condition with which they presented.

When I discovered massage therapies, how profound the healing and supportive relationship could be between therapist and client, the power of simply holding space for and with someone, was quite a revelation after the symptom focused approach of allopathic medicine.

When I was nursing, I worked amongst some dedicated and caring multi-disciplinary teams. We did all we could, combining our knowledge, insights and skills to get the best possible outcome for each patient within the allopathic care framework.

For the majority of the first eight years of practising as a massage therapist, I have worked entirely as a sole practitioner. I often made parallel or onward referrals to other practitioners with different specialities to ensure my clients had the best fit for their needs. The frustration for me was that I rarely got feedback or progress reports from these other therapists, and therefore had to rely on my client telling me. This seemed to me to limit the positive experience and outcome for my client, who needed a cohesive team approach, not just disparate therapists working on their own area.

I know full well that I alone cannot heal all ills, that my therapies are limited to what they can support, and I wanted to create that cohesive team, who work from the same philosophy of care, with the same exemplary high standards, that is client focused, open, honest and committed to work together for our clients’ benefit. Pooling our resources, sharing our knowledge and constantly striving for betterment of our practice helps us and our clients. Saving our client from having to repeat the same history over and over to each new practitioner they see, or deal with their therapist viewing their issues from disparate angles.

I had been working with Dr Patricia Worby, our trauma specialist, for some time on my own recovery from Complex (or Relational), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. One session in 2019, “my future” entered our conversations. I had been working with the Chrysalis Effect and was reminded of an exercise I had completed with the online recovery program called “The Blank Canvas”. It had opened a door to hope and excitement about a future that had previously been locked by the constant terror I had been feeling simply by being alive.

The Blank Canvas is an exercise whereby you imagine what you want to be doing in life if you had abundant energy and absolutely full support and boundless resources in every direction. At the time, I had between 1 and 2 hours of functional energy a day, I was in terrible debt, not working, living alone with minimal support practically or emotionally. There were nothing but barriers to my dreams, so it took me time to mentally overwrite reality as it was then, with dream and intention. But as I worked on the long-standing dream of a cohesive team, “The Greenwood Centre” moved from vague personal thoughts, onto paper, where I was able to share the ideas, and towards reality. I had added more and more details, including how it felt to be in this position with my own physical therapy centre, working with a great team and living in Cornwall.

Patricia said that she had also had a long-standing dream of a similar venture near her home in Southampton, and as at that time, I couldn’t see how I would ever be able to emigrate to Cornwall, we began discussing and exploring our options for somewhere closer to both our homes in Hampshire for the Greenwood Centre.

Spring 2020 and the pandemic arrived, and things looked to be delayed indefinitely. Except while it closed one door, it also opened the possibility of working online with our clients, not something we had considered before as we both enjoy working “in person” and that was really all I knew at the time. So we began working out how we could create an online group practice to support individuals suffering with fatigue, an area that both of us have specialist accredited training in, as well as both our personal experience of recovery.

We soon realised that getting the right team together and working online wasn’t an impediment to our dreams, but a fabulous alternative. The issue of finding a suitable venue for the physical practice, let alone the funding, had been proving challenging, and now we no longer had to worry about any of that.

Well, 2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for most people, and our initial team of 4 were beset with our own challenges, professionally with the pandemic, and a more than generous spattering of personal mountains and blackholes to navigate including 3 of us moving home unexpectedly including me. I suddenly had an opportunity to fulfil my dream of living in Cornwall, and 6 months after deciding to go for it and put my house in Hampshire on the market in March 2021, I had moved into my cottage in Cornwall!

All the upheaval and the global uncertainty has slowed the progress of our practice development, but we launched the Greenwood Holistic Health Group and its online presence Fatigue-Free.Me in the Spring of 2021.

We have just reviewed our systems and how we manage our clients based on those who have been working with us, and I am very excited to report we have just enrolled two more amazing practitioners to our team!

While I write this, I am in the process of clarifying our packages of care and client pathways to provide bespoke recovery support that is clear and transparent from the start. Every client will have the control and expert support, becoming an active member of their own recovery team, our first demonstration of the “empowerment through education” that is a key foundation stone to our philosophy [link to our Mission Statement?].

As a small and unique team, working in a socio-political time of great challenge and change, we are proud to say that we are blazing a trail of excellence and revolutionary approach to recovery and support for our clients suffering from chronic exhaustive conditions and vaccine toxicity illness. Our passion for wellbeing and THRIVAL, over mere symptom suppression along with our dedication to work together for the best possible outcomes for our clients sets us apart from other groups.

The movement we have created to help our clients travel from dis-ease and fatigue to vitality and thrival will continue to evolve, because the science is never settled, we can always learn something and strive to improve, and that is our commitment to you.



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