Senior Associate, Energy Medicine

Born in 1963 in Rostock at the Baltic Sea, Rainer grew up in the South of Berlin near Potsdam. Being interested in how the human body works, he decided to study medicine and he graduated as a medical doctor in 1987 from the Medical University of Szeged, Hungary. As a young doctor he was lucky to be able to work at the Orthopedic Department of the famous Charité at Humboldt University in Berlin. In 1992 he became an orthopaedic specialist and was offered a University career but this did not appeal and in 1993 he left the clinic and founded an outpatient clinic in Southwest Mecklenburg. During that time he had the opportunity to be trained in Chirotherapy, Acupuncture, Neural therapy, and very importantly, in Trigger Osteopractics and Trigger-Shockwave-Therapy (TST). 

Since 2003, he has run a private clinic with the focus on myofascial pain syndromes and finding and resolving the root causes of chronic disease. From 2006 to 2017 he had the opportunity to train international colleagues in a variety of CAM methods, including the NES Health system and Vital Field Therapy. 

In his eyes, the human body is a multidimensional system which includes informational, electro-magnetic and biochemical-functional levels. For each level, he use analytic and therapeutic CAM methods which can help understanding what is going on in the body and how to make the best changes to improve self-healing. To achieve this to date he has trained and become and certified in Trigger-shockwave therapy, Psychosomatic Energetics, Scenar therapy (in 2003/4), NES Health and miHealth treatments, Sensitiv Imago Bioresonance, in Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).  He selects between these a combination to suit the individual client. Currently, he sees clients in Germany and online. German is his first language, but he speaks fluent English and Hungarian. 

His primary fascination is understanding how the Universe works, with a view to integrating the knowledge he has gleaned into no less than a comprehensive system of life. His passion is learning about global scaling; a very important natural phenomenon underlying all processes in the Universe from the realms of subatomic space to the widths of cosmic dimensions. On this scale the size of a human cell is at the centre, and in terms of mass/energy the weight of the human body is also in the centre of the Universe. He has written an e-book (shortly to be updated) on the subject and is passionate about teaching this essential information via courses and webinars.

His aim is to pass this knowledge on to his clients and also a bigger audience in order to enable people to live their own life in full responsibility, and not to be lived by the ideas of others. He is convinced that if a human being is able to be authentic and honest in their life, chronic diseases cannot develop.  By spreading the word of this new information, he wants to contribute to a better future for humanity. 

Rainer can be contacted at his website here.