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Founder, Coach, Bodywork and Energy Therapist

Carol has over 30 years of professional training and experience in the world of health and wellbeing, having trained as a nurse at University College London in 1993. She went on to practice nursing in both the NHS and private sectors, adding additional training and specialisms including diatetics, food intollerance, end of life and community nursing roles, as she progressed her career, finally working as a senior sister in Frimley Park’s occupational health department.
While Carol loved her work in many ways, she could never find the specialism or role that fitted with her innate belief that the answer to better health, was not about treating disease but promoting good health practices.  She could not find anywhere in the health service where she felt health and wellbeing were actually the focus of care!  So in 2008, Carol chose to leave nursing in search of a more holistic way to support what she now calls “thrival”, a term coined by her great friend and co-founder of the Greeenwood Holistic Health Group, Patricia Worby, PhD meaning more than to survive, but to thrive..
Carol’s search for her authentic calling in life became her full time business in 2010, when she opened her first massage practice in Surrey. Since then, Carol has continued to enhance her practice with formal trainings, her favourite of which is Myofascial Release Technique for its ability to release emotional traumas as well as physical restrictions. In 2018 – 2019 Carol herself became critically unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, being forced to give up her beloved business to focus entirely on her own health and wellbeing. It was during this time that she met Patricia who helped her overcome the emotional stumbling blocks to her recovery, and a miracle of synchronicity enabled them to share both of their long-held dreams of creating a holistic group practice to support individuals back to supreme health and wellbeing.  Thus from this life-changing experience a new seed has grown..
Recently qualified both as a Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner and as an accredited ILM Wellbeing Coach to enhance her already proven skills, now forms the perfect fit within the team to facilitate our client’s discovery of true health, wellbeing and vitality.
Carol has 2 older children and enjoys spending time with them and her dog, taking long walks around the rugged beauty of Cornwall where she lives, as well as getting in or on the water as often as possible. She has discovered the joy and value of daily self care practices including meditation, yoga and her far-infrared sauna. Her idea of heaven is time with her friends and dog as she loves to hike, horse ride, sail, surf, SUP and swim.

Carol can be contacted by email: See her website here