Senior Associate, Natropathic Nutritionist

Bee Innes was only 24 when she developed a neurological condition which left her virtually bedridden for almost 8 years.  The medical profession had no answers for her so she turned to alternative therapies.  It was through her search for answers that she came across naturopathic nutritional therapy.
She had seen many nutritionists over the years due to a range of gastrointestinal problems, but this was different.  This wasn’t someone giving her a list of what she should and shouldn’t eat with some stock supplements.  This form of nutritional therapy was looking at what she could detoxify out of her body as well as what she was putting in.  It gave her some invaluable lifelong tools to open up her body’s routes of elimination so that she could clear out the toxins that were damaging her cells and giving rise to a wide array of multi system symptoms.
It was individualised to her and showed her how I could switch off any expression of unwanted inherited genetic mutations.  It explained why standard nutritionist diets were not working for her by using laboratory tests to explore any pathogens in her system, her own unique microbiome, genetics, etc.
Finally her numerous health conditions and challenges with food sensitivities that had eluded both allopathic health care professionals and alternative therapists for years started to make sense.  And it put them in context, explaining what lifestyle, hormonal and emotional changes she needed to make.
This has given her the passion she has today to educate, support and empower other people to take control of their health and wellbeing through harnessing food, supplements, detoxification techniques and lifestyle modification in order to activate that innate healing ability that every one of us has.
She holds an advanced practitioner diploma in nutritional healing, full membership of the Federation for Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and full professional indemnity and medical malpractice insurance.
In her spare time you can find her nerding out learning even more about the field of nutrition and naturopathy. She also sings professionally and is a bit of a crazy cat lady!

Bee can be contacted via email on her website here.