How the Greenwood Holistic Health Group Began

In 2019 I had just finished a group of sessions with a client Carol Greenwood and as part of our winding up she confessed to me her dream of a centre where clients could come – either for the day or on retreat to get the sort of treatments she and I offered. I was excited as I had long had a similar vision but no idea how to go about it. We agreed to meet for a coffee and discuss and, to my amazement, when she laid out her plans: a beautiful property in a lovely location, with woodland, a garden to grow food, animals (including horses) for people to connect with, and, most important of all, a light and airy therapy space in a woodland setting with a group of therapists committed to taking people through from chronic illness to recovery, I realised here was a like minded soul.

We agreed to discuss further and, as the months rolled on we continued to dream and plan, although my time was taken up with running my business and looking after my ailing mum who had dementia so I knew it would be a while before we could turn our dreams into reality. Carol also had some family troubles which were to come to a head during 2020. Nonetheless, we drew up a business plan, made contacts with like-minded therapists and calculated we’d need £3 million and about 5-10 years.. and then coronavirus hit and our plans turned upside down!

While we were dusting ourselves down with the new reality of no travel and no face to face business activity it occurred to us both almost simultaneously that we could create a virtual group now while we waited for things to settle into whatever new reality was awaiting us. And as I’d already been working  with people online for a number of years quite successfully, it became apparent that we could do a lot NOW and not have to wait to begin.

I met Dr. Rainer Viehweger when I agreed to interview him for a Positive Living Group and I was impressed with his knowledge of both medicine and physics. I believed that as a medical doctor and now energy therapist, he would add greatly to our team and we asked him to join as an associate. Next we wanted a nutritionist and I was aware of another Chrysalis Effect practitioner (specialists in Chronic fatigue conditions) Bee Innes who specialises in the gut related components of illness: dysbiosis (imbalance of flora) SIBO,  mould toxicity, etc  She agreed to join as another associate too.

We consulted widely in the field to see what other people were doing and Carole Randall, who runs an online specialist pain clinic was very generous with her time and expertise. Cut to 2021 and we set up and designed our website fatigue-free.me (here where you are!) and had our soft launch on April 9th. We are now a virtual entity although we need to iron out some of the legal framework and, of course our dream of a centre is not dead. My mother sadly passed away, Carol’s children have flown the nest and she has decided to follow a dream and move to Cornwall, a most special and lovely part of the UK with gorgeous scenery and energy. So, although nothing has gone quite to plan, we still dream and yearn for a different model of health from the sickness service that currently takes the place of healthcare in this country and elsewhere. 

We still yearn for a better future for our children and our earth and my question to you is – would you like to join us? If you could like to get in touch with either a request for help, an idea, or even better some skills or donation to get us going – a property somewhere that needs renovation, a woodland that needs a new use (we would lovingly care for the trees) then please use the contact form and get in touch. Perhaps you’re a therapist, a healthcare worker, a recoverer yourself, it doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, let’s make it easier together.

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