Greenwood Holistic Health Group – offering a multi-disciplinary team approach to recovery from fatigue and chronic exhaustive conditions.

Carol Greenwood MFHT, Patricia Worby, PhD, with Dr Rainer Viehweger MD and Bee Innes IFM, together offer an integrative holistic online practice to identify the root causes of your present health status to guide and support you back to optimal health and wellbeing using integrative medicine1 such as:

Wellbeing coaching2

Naturopathic nutrition3

Energetic Healing4

Myofascial release/massage

Trauma/somatic release5

We are now launched and welcome enquires. Take the next step to healing. Contact us on for more information and a FREE no-obligation discussion. Take the uncertainty and hopelessness away from these life-changing conditions.

  1. Integrative or ‘lifestyle’ medicine is a form of natural medicine which aims to remove the blocks to healing using methods which include improving diet, exercise, sleep and emotional health.
  2. Wellbeing coaching is a method of coaching that is SMART but also encourages people to take responsibilty for their own healing with accountability and recommendations. As developed by The Chrysalis Effect
  3. Not just diet but promoting self-healing via natural means – supporting detoxification, digestion and elimination and restoring the body’s natural defences to pathogens and environmental toxicity.
  4. Using the NES Health energetic body field and Sensitiv Imago energetic imaging and Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) testing.
  5. EFT (tapping), EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing), havening.

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