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Fatigue Free Me
Chrysalis Effect Health

Offering a dynamic supported wraparound approach to recovery from chronic exhaustive conditions like CFS/ME, long covid and Fybromyalgia.

Hi,  Im Carol Greenwood, an accredited specialist fatigue recovery coach working with The Chrysalis Effect Supported Online Recovery Program, to support you through to your highest health and wellbeing.

Having made full recovery from severe ME/CFS with the support of Chrysalis Effect, I wanted to support others in the same situation I had been in for over 30 years before I found them.

I originally trained as a nurse at University College Hospital London, and enjoyed a career that was wide and diverse, and I ended on a high point as a senior sister running an occupational health department in Surrey. I wanted to pursue a more holistic path, one that fitted in better with the bouts of fatigue and pain I had been suffering for so many years. My GP's kept telling me there was nothing wrong with me, so I just pushed through each crash.

I trained in massage therapy in 2008, and in 2010 I started full time practice, adding in very carefully selected therapies since then to be able to best serve my clients.

In 2018/19, I spent over 5 months sofa bound, and the rest of the year building back my life with greater care and understanding than I could have imagined, because in 2018, I finally got the diagnosis of ME/CFS, and finally I found the guidance and support I needed to break the cycle of boom and bust that sufferers like me will all be familiar with.


My clients tell you in their own voices the life changing support I have provided, enabling them to return to a full and vital life.

So the start of my journey with Carol threw me and made me realise just how much I was struggling to look forward to my weekends, even after working a busy week the time that was free at the weekend made me feel empty and totally lacking in enthusiasm for anything. I felt lost without the structure I have in the week ...... I actually got to the point where I dreaded the weekend. I realised that what I wanted was to be creative, so this is what we both decided to focus on. I went through many emotions in the first few sessions when we explored my past and my own thoughts on why I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to. We explored my fear of never finishing a project and Carol encouraged me to express my feelings as to where this came from. The sessions in time made me explore different avenues for me to be creative and my emotions were changing with each week to a more positive, productive and excited outlook. We set some goals which I have achieved but not always fully but Carol embraced and encouraged me to move forward. I have found the coaching very fulfilling and enlightening and I no longer dread the weekends as I have a more positive attitude to my creative self. I would highly recommend Carol as she gave me confidence, she was very engaging and encouraged me to move forward. The sessions were very emotional at times and Carol was supportive and caring in her manner which made me feel very comfortable. I would certainly do this again."


While coaching is usually an online practice I have my own clinic based in Newquay, Cornwall, where I enjoy seeing clients in person for soft tissue, energy, bodywork and massage therapy appointments.

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