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Offering a multi-disciplinary team approach to recovery from chronic exhaustive conditions like CFS/ME, long covid and vaccine injury.

Our multidisciplinary team of

Carol Greenwood MFHT, Patricia Worby, PhD, with Dr Rainer Viehweger MD and Bee Innes IFM, Cathy Tennant LCHE and Janie Perry BANT

together offer an integrative holistic online practice to identify the root causes of your present health status to guide and support you back to optimal health and wellbeing using integrative medicine1 such as:

  1. Wellbeing coaching2

  2. Naturopathic nutrition3

  3. Energetic Healing4

  4. Myofascial release/massage

  5. Trauma/somatic release5

  6. Homeopathy

Take the next step to "Thrival", not mere survival. Contact us on greenwoodholistic@gmail.com. for more information and a FREE no-obligation zoom call.

Take the uncertainty and hopelessness away from these life-changing conditions.

Integrative or ‘lifestyle’ medicine is a form of natural medicine which aims to remove the blocks to wellness using methods which include improving diet, exercise, sleep and emotional health.

Wellbeing coaching is a method of coaching that is SMART but also encourages people to take responsibility for their own health with accountability and recommendations.

As developed by The Chrysalis Effect

Not just diet but promoting self-healing via natural means – supporting detoxification, digestion and elimination and restoring the body’s natural defences to pathogens and environmental toxicity.

Using the NES Health energetic body field and Sensitiv Imago energetic imaging and Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) testing, EFT (tapping), EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing), havening.


Our clients tell you in their own voices the life changing support we have provided, enabling them to return to a full and vital life.

I’ve been working with Bee now for around 7 months and she has genuinely changed the quality of my life. I had so many symptoms on a daily basis, that it’s only now I look back and realise how bad it actually was. I had anxiety, facial flushing, night sweats, severe bloating, neuropathy issues, rashes, tiredness/fatigue, persistent thrush, constipation, acid reflux, severe cramp, strange tingling sensations, generally feeling un well and just ‘not right’. I can safely say every single one of the symptoms above have completely gone. Not only that, but having struggled with severe asthma for 15 years, taking strong steroid inhalers and being admitted to hospital for treatment. I now no longer need my inhalers, and any asthmatic symptoms I once had have completely vanished- I’m still in disbelief that I no longer need an inhaler in my daily life- truly a miracle. I feel very comfortable talking to Bee about everything and anything I’m experiencing and how I’m feeling about it all. She always makes me feel at ease immediately with a great reassurance that reminds me why I’m on this journey and how important it is for my health mentally and physically to continue onwards until I’m fully healed and I will always take forward Bee’s advice and also generally find myself regurgitating her advice to others as I’ve found it so amazingly helpful myself. Bee has gone above and beyond to help me she’s always there to answer questions and give advice and has completed multiple courses etc in order to help me further which is so appreciated. I’m looking forward to continuing on my journey with Bee and getting better every day. If you think you need help from a professional with any health issues you may be having don’t hesitate to contact Bee- you won’t regret it. Just prepare for your life to change for the better and in ways you probably never thought possible. Thanks so, so much again Bee and I look forward to continuing working together :)

So the start of my journey with Carol threw me and made me realise just how much I was struggling to look forward to my weekends, even after working a busy week the time that was free at the weekend made me feel empty and totally lacking in enthusiasm for anything. I felt lost without the structure I have in the week ...... I actually got to the point where I dreaded the weekend. I realised that what I wanted was to be creative, so this is what we both decided to focus on. I went through many emotions in the first few sessions when we explored my past and my own thoughts on why I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to. We explored my fear of never finishing a project and Carol encouraged me to express my feelings as to where this came from. The sessions in time made me explore different avenues for me to be creative and my emotions were changing with each week to a more positive, productive and excited outlook. We set some goals which I have achieved but not always fully but Carol embraced and encouraged me to move forward. I have found the coaching very fulfilling and enlightening and I no longer dread the weekends as I have a more positive attitude to my creative self. I would highly recommend Carol as she gave me confidence, she was very engaging and encouraged me to move forward. The sessions were very emotional at times and Carol was supportive and caring in her manner which made me feel very comfortable. I would certainly do this again."

I went to see Dr Worby when I was so unwell I was unable to speak or understand simple instructions even. I recall saying to her that I totally believed that she was the right therapist for me, but I honestly didn't believe that even she would be able to help as my illness was so severe. First, she made me feel safe, and over the next 6 weekly sessions, I began to return to myself. I then had a further run of 6 sessions, spread further apart, and will continue seek her professional support when needed for as long as it takes. I have, in less than a year, come from being a bed-ridden corpse to a fully functioning, joyous, optimistic human again, returning to work and knowing I will never get so sick with CFS/ME and Fybromyalgia that my life is stopped ever again. It takes many years for chronic illness to manifest, there is no quick fix or magic pill, it is "an inside job" to recovery. Patricia is the most amazing support and expert guide to help you understand why you got ill, and how to reclaim your life. Do what ever it takes to see her if you have any of the myriad of symptoms associated with trauma, both the big and the every day kind. You cant put a price on your wellbeing, but finding the money for this is a good start. Heal your mind, and your body will follow.


We are an online practice and are able to conduct all our work over the internet. We each have our own clinics based in Newquay, Southampton, Manchester and Germany.

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